I have carved in stone for over thirty years. I was trained in the visual arts, including sculpture using clay and casting. I moved to carving a few years later having always wanted to explore this method of creating sculpture.

While my thoughts, ideas and feelings towards stone sculpture have developed over the years, I have always felt that my concept should release the innate strength of the stone. I have aimed to use emotion as the main element binding shape and form. All my work is based on the human form using simple shapes to give expression to the emotion of the piece.

In the last few years I have explored the complexity of human relationships carving figures in separate pieces of stone and held together with a single concept, e.g.'Conversation', with two figures, male and female, sitting in conversation together. Being small pieces they can easily be moved into a different relationship.

I have also become interested in introducing an unexpected element into my work. As in the reflective piece of curved stainless steel for the Portland Square Memorial sculpture, to reflect back the distorted image of the sculpture, representing the distortion of war on normal life.

Commissions include:-

- 'Trinity' for the Bishop of Exeter and is in the Palace gardens. Trinity represents the Holy Trinity, with three separate figures relating to each other with the viewer invited to join and walk among them. Carved in Beer stone each figure weights approximately 3 tons.

- 'The Sower' was for a private garden near Dartmoor. 'The Sower' is a female figure carrying a baby on her back. She stands 180 cm 6ft tall and weights 4 tons.

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